Yard Sale May 13th 2023

On May 13th 2023, 8 to noon, Ray Johnson, WB0EBG, and I will once again get this so called “Progressive Ham Fest yard sale” to fill in the gap between other fests and the big one in Ohio. Nestled between 2430 and 2602 Hazelwood St in beautiful Maplewood, Ray and I will offer a very mixed showing of Ham related and other garage stuff, plus I’m sure the XYL will have a some indoor kitchen gear she now refuses to use. Now here’s the deal, you can easily become a seller at your own driveway. Gather your overstock, clear your junk boxes, sell the old dusty stuff right in your front yard! Why bother doing all that packing and unpacking, driving and displaying, repacking and unpacking again? No seller or buyer charges, just send me your location info and I will send it to the SPRC data base (300+) and they can find you, shop and move along to the next from 8 to noon. Ray and I have had great selling success with this the last two years, so join us and turn your crap into cash. I hear that Hams in the Park is also that day, so take a side trip over to this side of town to shop first and possibly resell it at the Park for a profit!

Thank you,
Dale Maroushek, N0PEY 73