2023 Annual Auction


Saturday, January 28nd, 2023 – 8:30 a.m. to (??)

John R. Albers Center

Cretin-Derham Hall High School

555 Hamline Ave. S

St. Paul, MN 55116

From the intersection of Randolph Ave. and Hamline Ave. S, take Hamline southward for 3 blocks. The parking lot entrance is on the west side of Hamline Ave. opposite Watson St.

Doors open at 8:30 for equipment check in, the sale starts at 9:30.

We offer the Sellers an option of listing worthy equipment for the LIVE auction or a Silent auction for the

smaller or less important items. The Silent Auction will end at 12:00 so result tabulations can be finished on time.

If you would like to donate Ham related items to be sold at the auction, or if you would like to have items

 listed and advertised before the auction, or if you have any questions about the auction, please contact Dale Maroushek, at nØpey@arrl.net 651-777-5309.

Limited refreshments will be available. Volunteer Auctioneers and Helpers are welcome and needed.


New changes for 2022

As with any event involving the exchange of funds, there are certain rules to follow. Please read and familiarize yourself with these rules.

The net profit collected by the St. Paul Radio Club will be donated to

The ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund!

Registration of equipment and issuance of bidder numbers and lot tags starts at 8:30 a.m. There is no charge for buyers or sellers.

The auction will continue until each lot is sold or until terminated by combined rulings of the SPRC President and/or the Auction Committee Chair.

Minimum incremental bidding is set at: $1 to $25 – $1; $25 to $100 – $5; $100 and up – $10, subject to the Auctioneers discretion

. A 10% commission on all items will be charged to the sellers.

There will be a silent auction option (ask registration for details) for sellers with small items.

Equipment registration will belimited to 20 lots per person and each lot will be sold for one price.

 Auction officials may combine lots of similar equipment by the same seller with their permission. Equipment will be sold to the highest bidder.

You may set a listed minimum price for your items. Lots not receiving the minimum

 bid will be returned to the seller without charge and sellers must take all unsold items with them.

You may donate items to the SPRC to sell (ask registration how).

All buyer and seller transactions with the St. Paul Radio Club must be completed on the day of the auction. Personal checks will be accepted with proper identification.

Buyers may be required to show proof of a current, valid Amateur Radio License for the purchase of transmitters and amplifiers.

No equipment will be allowed off the auction premises without proof of ownership. Items will be checked against your paid sheet at the exit.

The St. Paul Radio Club does NOT warrant the condition of any item placed at auction, will not be responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged and reserves the right to limit quantities. Personal sales or exchange of items will not be permitted until after the Auction is completed.