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St. Paul Radio Club

The St. Paul Radio Club is a general interest amateur radio club where the primary focus is educational and social. It brings together like-minded folks in order to achieve in a group that which cannot be accomplished by the individual. Visitors, new members and new hams are always welcome. The membership meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, except for the months of June, July, and August.

The St. Paul Radio Club is the oldest existing amateur radio club in the Twin Cities. It was founded in 1931 and it affiliated with the ARRL, the national association for amateur radio, in December of that year. “ARRL” stands for “American Radio Relay League.” To access the ARRL website, click on the ARRL logo in the upper right-hand corner of each page of this website.

Club Affiliation

Monthly Member Meetings

The club holds member meetings the first Friday of each month except June, July and August. This meeting schedule may change if there are conflicts with room scheduling or the calendar. MContact information is on Officers page. The meetings typically include a short member meeting and a program. The programs are usually either educational or entertaining and last about one hour. There are introductions, free refreshments are served and there is a door prize drawing. All in all, the club has some of the best meetings of all the local radio clubs. Call on the repeater, 145.310 MHz, for talk-in help. All are welcome.

Monthly Breakfast

There is a breakfast each month of the year on the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 am . It is held at the Perkins in the Midway, corner of University and Snelling, in St. Paul .

Monthly Newsletter

The St. Paul Radio Club has published the “Ground Wave” newsletter for many years. Although we now restrict US Mail delivery to only those that specifically require it, it is sent by email to all paid members each month. It is also available on the club website on the Ground Wave page.

VE Testing

Monthly VEC (ARRL) Testing Amateur Radio is required to administer FCC amateur license tests, as the agency no longer does direct testing. The SPRC is affiliated with the ARRL testing program A reservation is suggested; contact the Coordinator, David Buending, AD2B, at 952-486-0836 or Email Dave.

Classes for Amateur Radio

The club holds classes whenever there is enough interest to form a class. Usually, a Technician License class is held in the fall and a General License class is held in the spring. An Extra License class will be scheduled if requested. In addition, there is a Skywarn class in the spring and ARRL Emcomm classes are scheduled when there is enough demand. Click on Classes for more information.

Member Assistance Programs

The club has help available for members who require assistance with technical problems or help with projects outside their personal skills. The club also supports the effort of The Handi-Hams Programs at Courage Center .

Repeater & Club Station at St. Thomas

There is a club station available and the 2 meter repeater is located in the University of St. Thomas Science Building. The repeater operates on 145.310 MHz with a negative offset and no PL tone. Click on Repeater/Nets for more information.

Regular Nets

The 2 meter net is on the club repeater at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays and the 10 meter net is at 7:45 pm , also on Wednesdays. The 10 meter frequency is 28.310 MHz (USB) and we call it the “Friendly Net”. Click on Repeater/Nets for more information.

Annual Field Day

The annual field day is held every year on the last full weekend of June.

Field day is an emergency simulation exercise held for 24 hours. The club usually holds this event in cooperation with The Mining Amateur Radio Club at the 3M employee recreation area known as “Tartan Park ” Click on Field Day for more information.

Contest Participation

The SPRC is not a strongly active contest club If members show more interest in contests, this participation will increase.

Emergency Service Liaison & Public Service Events

The club does support Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and other public service events. We have Emergency Service Liaisons listed in the Officers page.

Special Projects

Please explore this website for more details about the club, a calendar of events, a photo album and how to join.

Club Contact Information Contact any person on the Officers page for assistance or information. For mail inquiries, send to:

St. Paul Radio Club
P.O. Box 9375
North St. Paul , MN 55109-0375

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