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 St. Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet 


The St. Paul Radio Club Banquet will be held April 28th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Anderson Student Center on the University of St. Thomas campus. The catering staff at UST do a wonderful job with dinner and this is a great deal for members. Our speaker will be Michael Ostlund, who will fill us in on some of the behind the scenes activity of Super Bowl LII. Michael has spent the better part of 43 years in Radio and TV Broadcasting, including 25+ years in Radio Network Operations and Engineering.  Dinner will be 12.50 per person and tickets must be bought in advance. We will have some nice prizes to be given out by random drawing. Directions to ASC366/367 can be found below. Note these rooms are adjacent to the rooms we used in the past. Menu details and reservation information are listed below as well. The due date for reservations is April 19th. Pay at the banquet.



“The Best Laid Plans….. of Super Bowl LII” 


-or at least the ones we can tell you about….. 


We all heard the hype about the Super Bowl LII and we saw the TV news shows from Nicollet Mall.  And we may have even seen a few news reports about some of the security that went into the event, but what about the planning you didn’t hear about?   My guess is that not many folks heard about the Amateur Radio Operators who manned a ‘Janitor’s Closet” to maintain emergency communications.   And there were more planning groups that worked tirelessly for more than a year to ensure the safety and security of more than one million visitors and the event itself.  And no one knew they existed.  But they were an integral part of the event. 


Michael Ostlund with Hennepin County Emergency Management will talk about some of the Emergency Management and Communications planning that most people didn’t hear about.  As one of two Communications Coordinators for Hennepin County Emergency Management, Mike was on the front lines of the “Auxiliary Communications Planning” for HCEM for SBLII.   


St Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet Details 


When:  Saturday, April 28th Doors open at 5:00, dinner served at 6:00 PM  

Where: ASC 366/367, UST Anderson Student Center (see directions below) 

What: Buffet style dinner with program by Michael Ostlund 


Fresh Sliced Fruit Platter, House Salad  

Pork Loin with dried cherry sauce 

Chicken Marsala 

Roasted Red Potatoes 

Fresh Seasonal Vegetable 

Assorted Artisan Breads / Butter 


Vegetarian meal option available upon request 



Cost: 12.50/person - must be paid no later than April 19th(or at the banquet). Print out this form and mail it to: 

Jay Maher 

3332 Longfellow Ave 

Minneapolis, MN 55407 

Checks should be written to St. Paul Radio Club – Banquet. Please do not send cash through the mail. 


St. Paul Radio Club Annual Banquet 

Saturday, April 28th, 2018 at 6:00 PM (doors open at 5:00) 


Number of persons attending: __________ 

Names (and callsigns if applicable): __________________________________________ 


Do you need a vegetarian meal? If so, list number required: ______ 


Cost: 12.50 person – must be paid at the banquet. 


If you are unable to print out this form, include a note with all of the above information with your payment. 

Directions to Banquet: From the Cretin-Vandalia exit on I-94, take Cretin Avenue south to the St. Thomas campus. The Anderson Student Center is on the northeast corner of Summit Avenue and Cretin. Parking for a limited number of vehicles is available in the Anderson Student Center Ramp (entrance on the west side of the building, off Cretin just north of Summit). Swipe a credit card at the entrance and the doors will open.  You will repeat the process to exit (cost is 1.00/hr). If the student center ramp is full, the larger Anderson Parking Ramp is located one block south at the southwest corner of Cretin and Grand Ave. Other parking possibilities include on-street parking and various campus surface lots. Parking permits on campus are not enforced after 6 p.m. on Fridays (or on weekends) There is a drop – off circle near the west entrance to the student center (off Cretin, just north of Summit). Once inside the student center, take the elevators at the west end of the atrium to the third floor. The ASC rooms 366/367 will be to your left as you exit the elevator. Note these are adjacent to but not the same rooms we have used in the past.