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ARRL Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2017

Field Day! Yes, we are back at Tartan Park for one more year. Almost everything will be the same as prior years, but there will be a few changes.


Entrance will be from the west side of the park, on Lake Elmo Ave N (Cty Rd 17). The gates there will be the only route in. It is just south of the 45/55 MPH speed limit change.


There will not be any running water this year, so the bathrooms will not be available. Porta-potties are yet to be determined.


The Saturday night meal may not be the big picnic affair it has been (due to the water issues). The FD crew will be fed as usual.


But, we will still be a full-fledged 2A operation:


Set-up will begin about 3:00 PM Friday, June 23. Setting up the two towers, whatever wire antenna options we choose for the year, and the GOTA verticals and wires. CW and SSB operations again from the RVs. Same radios, and other accessories. Basically, all over again.


Contact John, K9NJ, for CW operating position assignments. k9nj@arrl.net

MARC/SPRC    Confirmed for Field Day 2017 as of June 20                        
Time Local    Time 24 hr    Time GMT    Call    Name    Call    Name    Conf ?
1 p.m.    1300        K9NJ    John            Y
2 p.m.    1400        K9NJ    John            Y
                       3 p.m.    1500        W0UFO    Mert    AA0ZZ    Craig    Y
                        4 p.m.    1600        W0UFO    Mert    AA0ZZ    Craig    Y
5 p.m.    1700        K0TI    Dan            Y
6 p.m.    1800        K0TI    Dan            Y
7 p.m.    1900        K0TI    Dan            Y
8 p.m.    2000        K0TG    John            Y
9 p.m.    2100        K0TG    John            Y
10 p.m.    2200        K0TG    John            Y
11 p.m.    2300        K0UBC    Phil            Y
12 a.m.    0000        K0UBC    Phil            Y
    1 a.m.    0100        WD9IGX    Tim            Y
      2 a.m.    0200        WD9IGX    Tim            Y
3 a.m.    0300                        
     4 a.m.    0400        W0SEI    John            Y
    5 a.m.    0500        W0SEI    John            Y
          6 a.m.    0600        W0SEI-tent.                TBD
          7 a.m.    0700        W0SEI-tent.                TBD
8 a.m.    0800        K0TI    Dan            Y
9 a.m.    0900        K0TI    Dan            Y
10 a.m.    1000        K0TG    John            Y
11 a.m.    1100        K0TG    John            Y
12 p.m.    1200        K9NJ    John            Y

Contact Dave, WA0RKE, for SSB operating position assignments. wa0rke@arrl.net


Contact Ron, K0RJW, for any questions or interests in GOTA operation. k0rjw@arrl.net

Contact Ray, WB0EBG, for VHF operating position assignments. johnsorj@aol.com 


Contact Ed, WB0VHF, for any other questions or suggestions for Field Day 2017 with the St. Paul Radio Club and Mining Amateur Radio Club operation.


Hope to see you out there for FD 2017.




The field day site has no restrooms.  Areas to park a  camper or pitch a tent are also available.

If you are interested in operating or logging, check the below schedules and  contact  us with your preference(s). We will update the schedule and send you a confirmation message.

Schedules below will be updated as information becomes available.

Field Day Location Directions:

From the west or south: Take Co. Rd 19/Keats Ave exit off I-94 East, turn left/north onto Keats. Go to the first stop sign which will be 10th Street and go right/east. Go to the first stop sign on 10th which will be Co Rd 17 and go left/north. About a mile north, just before the 45 MPH sign, there will be an entrance on your right/east. Proceed straight to parking lot/ball fields.

From the east: Either follow the route from I94 above, or exit I94 sooner on Co Rd 13/Manning Ave, take right/north onto Manning Ave for about 1.4 miles, take a left onto Manning Trail and in about .6 miles take a left onto 20th Street. Go to Lake Elmo Ave at the stop sign and T in road. Turn left and turn left about a half mile at the gate entrance to site. Proceed straight to parking lot/ball fields.

From the north: Either go down to I-94 and follow directions above, or take I-694 East/South and exit on Hwy 5 and go east. In the town of Lake Elmo , turn right/south onto Co Rd 17/Lake Elmo Ave and proceed about 2.5 miles to site entrance on left at gate. Turn left at gate and proceed straight to parking lot/ball fields.

FD 2015 Photos